Episode 68- While we are waiting…..

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Whilst we await the results of a battery of tests (see Episode 66-Stop everything..) and news as to whether we can actually progress our project (i.e.can Trevor manage the stairs in the French village house or the liftless seaside apartment?)

I am taking lots of deep breaths and focussing on the positive.

The plethora of pipework dropping down through the salon ceiling means that we can, at last, get rid of the pipework snaking down the front of the houseDSC02769 , as the shower & wash basin above are now routed internally( and reconnected to the  hot water supply for first time in three years..YAY)

We just have to insulate and box the lot in carefully.We will duplicate the panelling in on the left of the window to maintain symmetry on front inside wall.

The last necessity before we can paint the whole rendered facade outside is  to replace the lethal lead painted shutter and the broken window in the tulip bedroom. Although ancient, these shutters have no redeeming features whatsoever and are simply not worth preserving, even to me, the “keep the original features” fanatic!

Why are we not ripping off the rendering and exposing our stone walls?

The answer, dear reader is because, underneath the fairly good render, only part of the front wall is in beautiful original stone. the rest is patched with terracotta blocks, and the end wall was built from breeze blocks when the last owners tacked on the barn.

If we left the stone bits exposed and rendered the rest THAT would look really twee. So we will be having a traditional render “finition taloche”, i.e applied semi smooth by float ( NOT  that horribly rough crepi finish with rough bits to catch muck and rainwater!) This finish is traditional in our village.

The colour? well it’s a bigger decision than where we are going to put the bath tub. Trevor wants “Teinte pierre” (stone colour) but it’s not really stone colour as such and is the magnolia of exterior colours and not even particularly popular in Campagne; Ochre shades are traditional and popular , but some are a bit mustardy.

Our builder Jean-Marc favours screaming egg yolk on acid yellow- because the house needs cheering up (so do we)  but this is too loud.

I have seen a pretty pale mimosa  lemon colour which will look chic with new shutter choice (yes I have changed my mind since we painted them in 2009 !) a soft blue/grey/green, like sage leaves in sunlight………


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Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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5 Responses to Episode 68- While we are waiting…..

  1. vicawhite says:

    We are currently trying to find the right shade to paint our exterior – feels like SUCH a big decision! Good luck x


    • I know, not just us but a whole village to please.I have the added problem of having to coordinate with rest of street!
      We have grainy mustard one side and ochre on the other
      I want to go for something that will make me smile everytime I look at it, just need to sell pale 18thc lemon mimosa to Trev & JM-


  2. Think your idea of mimosa yellow is preferable – somewhere between dreadfully dull and needing sunglasses lol 🙂


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