Embroidery-knotwork, silk ribbon, velvet

DSC02740sYesterday was one of the best Easter Monday holidays ever, at least since my children were small and it was all about eggs and piling into whatever car we could commandeer and heading for countryside or sea.

Despite showery forecast, it was clearly set to be a lovely day so everyone convened at our house and we unanimously voted for a day trip to Ludlow.

Not only is this one of the most beautiful and historic little market towns in England (just) set in the Welsh Marches ( between Shropshire and Welsh border country) but it has a proper 11th century castle, amazing medieval, Tudor and Georgian buildings and a great market (of course).

It also has lots of little independent shops, everything from artisan bakeries to antique jewellery. There are always art and country craft exhibitions going on and the cafes, acclaimed  restaurants (Michelin & AA guides) and pubs are excellent.

It’s just the perfect country town. A lovely drive too, no motorways! Reminds me of exactly why I want to live in an old house in an ancient village on the edge of the countryside and be inspired by beautiful places and views and a tangible sense of history .

I found some treasure too, these little velvet cushions in a chic, inky blue colour (9 inches or 23centimetres square)- featuring knotwork, tiny padded roses, bees and butterflies embroidered in partly in silk but mainly in narrow 2-3 mm wide satin ribbonDSC02740. For the French house.

Photos do not do justice, these are just exquisite



We saw knights on horseback fighting and  jousting, falconry displays (hands on!), an extremely amusing jester, archery (I didn’t try that, my inability to aim straight is the stuff of family legends) willow weaving……

Memories include my son (30) and his nephew (6) playing some elaborate medieval game, leaping from castle walls and launching into sword fights, my daughter & I playing “guess which gorgeous old house we are going to buy when we win the lottery”games, my daughter in law being lifted from her  “last year of midwifery degree and I’m losing the will to live” distractions, my grandson rolling in great piles of fallen  cherry blossom  petals   and Trevor finding a place that sold gluten free garlic chicken pizza!!( a rare treat, he is a coeliac). Best day ever

I am so lucky to have this family



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Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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