Episode 61(part 2) French Country Kitchens without tears….?

sept13 123renovation, restoration, a bit more rumination.

2013- We now have a neat and tidy ceiling in the dining end of the kitchen at the French village house. We cannot claim credit, JM’s boys did it following construction of the terrace, but it does throw into sharp relief how awful the rest of the room looks!

I am all for neatening up the ceiling at the kitchen end as is already insulated to muffle  footfall from the bedroom above  but Trevor is having none of it. He wants to expose the beams here. My concerns  include insulation issues and visible wiring runs so we must make a decision ASAP before the wiring is finished in here.

We have FINALLY finished panelling the 30 foot wall in here-top left-just requires finishing cornice, skirting boards (yes Trevor is getting his way on these although I am not sure how authentic they will look) I have  chosen to use ungraded wood here as I want some imperfections to enhance the aged look. We need to decide on paint colour , but will again be a matte finish.

So … another $64,000 dollar question arises..what  IS a French country kitchen???

Many examples we have looked at  are all beams, dark wood and ochre walls and dark tiled floors. I like some rustic elements such as displays of copper plans, rustic earthenware & open shelving. I also love carved wood, painted panelling and vintage kitchenalia-right ( I found an antique breadboard under the sink  but may have to treat with caustic soda to get it clean!)french country kitchens-french country kitchens

Not keen on the paintings of dismembered flesh and fowl  or hunting scenes which would have traditionally decked the walls. Overall it’s all a too bit dark and gloomy for us so we need to consider “French country lite” – see  below from

photo 1French Country lookhttp://www.kitchenbuilding.com

I like the pale scheme,  zinc table tops (already a definite) and the linen curtains to conceal boring modern additions like dishwashers, but those white tiles just make me think of gents toilets! (How do I know? I fished my baby sister out of one in Scorton )

Trevor looks pained when I talk about charming little curtains made from vintage teatowels but he likes other elements. Our kitchen/diner is long and thin: I am thinking painted panelling,chairs & table legs and boxed in fridge (remember Trevor wants a monster!) and I also really  like some of the cool recoup-chic white kitchens around right now  with amazing antique, reclaimed and vintage pieces.Think a light painted or lime waxed wood floor and pale wall colour is the way to go.


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Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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