Episode 59- The Lost Weekend….

sept13 135renovation, restoration,  frustration. Well you don’t mind me using today’s blog to vent the pressure cooker that is my head do you?? It feels a bit like the garage at the French house, stuff piled high everywhere- some useful, some complete junk.


What I am looking for is in there somewhere but can I find it when I need it   ?

I have just, scarily, lost two days of my life.

Not sure if it was a chronic migraine or some weird virus or the Sahara sand smog over the UK last week, but I woke up at 5 am Saturday morning feeling like I was being crushed from the inside  (not nice) I was feverish, headachey, nauseous and the slightest exertion left me with  a racing heart. I basically went back to bed for 36 hours.

When I dragged myself back to some semblance of normality on Sunday evening,I  realised that I had lost the whole weekend, the only two days each week when I am not obliged to work my socks off.

Then my new English neighbour, who bought a house in our French village of choice  five minutes ago, rings up  to tell me that  they are basically good to go- house in UK rented, income sorted, move to France full time planned for a date just a few months away. Am I a little green with envy?

I am  chartreuse.

Their kitchen is nearly finished too! Our kitchen is still conceptual with components stacked in both UK & French garages  and no nearer completion than it was last year.

This is it… we have got to get to France … now….



About coteetcampagne

Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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5 Responses to Episode 59- The Lost Weekend….

  1. Lynda says:

    “…stuff piled high everywhere- some useful, some complete junk.”

    You might well have been describing our house. We thought we were going to just paint and polish, and then move. Then we got into the work and found it was going to be a a complete restoration process. Meanwhile, I had begun packing for the move in earnest, and then Bob got sick, was made redundant (as you say there) and we were suddenly treading water in a financial whirlpool. Things have much improved for us, but until we quite recently put our property up for sale, much of what we own, and stuff we meant to sell in a yard sale, is in boxes everywhere. Yard sale cannot come soon enough, and the rest is slowly being unpacked and put back into cupboards, closets, and shelves throughout the house.

    Had I read your blog back then I might well have been chartreuse myself. But the past three years have tempered me and today I read with enthusiasm about your journey to completion.


  2. Thanks for your kind words
    They are lovely people and I am very happy for them that they are getting somewhere fast! but it just brings it home that we need to get out skates on and our a***s in gear and find the time and money to get this project finished!!

    Sponsors gratefully accepted apply here…………..



    • Sure they are, but maybe they can be more flexible with work etc. You could do with some sponsorship – maybe from a local home decorating store. If I win the lottery, happy to give you a donation 🙂 It may have to be sent electronically as I shall be off out of the UK as fast as my suitcase with carry me, the only delay would be getting Her Majesty a pet passport! Eileen x


  3. Ah but they will not doubt have employed hordes of workmen to get their kitchen done and it will probably look like something out of a showroom. You, will have a unique, personal space when you are finished and the satisfaction of knowing you created it 🙂

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