Episode 58- Further changes, French bedroom chic on a budget

DSC00071renovation, restoration, delectation-2013

So at the other end of this little bedroom we haveDSC00323

this small, high window with a pretty good radiator underneath- we will keep this

First we move the radiator to  a more practical position in the room leaving that wall free to install French doors on to the new terrace.

The French windows are amazing value, beautifully made of a local hardwood with a light finish these cost only a few hundred euros, including the sturdy frame. The terrace level is exactly that of the wooden floor in this room so leads almost seamlessly outside.IMG_0083


The room is still dark until we paint the ceiling and walls . The floor is mid 20th century but good, despite the roof leaks prior to purchase. The grain has softened a little but is still sound so , once entirely dry, I lime wax  it which blurs any discrepancies and gives a soft, natural , light reflecting finish. one can of Liberon wax goes a surprisingly long way and was on sale at B&Q for under a tenner anyway! The ceiling linen matt paint came from  BRICODEPOT – a little like Wickes in UK & geared more toward serious builders and renovators than the “hobby” DIY shops here.DSC00322



sept13 104

The birds egg flecked “sable” sand  paint cost 8 euros in the sale at M.Bricolage and, with the paint and two colourisers used to mix the pale amethyst we spent a further 20 euros.

So, for under a thousand euros, we have our first taste of how this house will look as a finished project. The French windows, the light vintage pastels and the terrace (which now feels part of the space) has expanded this little bedroom from a depressingly dark, leaky box to something with charm and character . We love itsept13 101.

I can’t wait to hang some of my antique embroideryDSC02319


About coteetcampagne

Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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2 Responses to Episode 58- Further changes, French bedroom chic on a budget

  1. Thanks!
    OOOh can you get me a publishing deal ??xxxx!!


  2. You are very good at doing a lot on a budget. I can see a book coming on … 🙂


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