Episode 48- In which we begin to see the light…….

SAMSUNGRenovation, restoration, progression! 2012

I am VERY EXCITED. As per post “Episode 41” we have finally resolved the cave access and layout issues. It is now  simple matter of sorting out the final plumbing  runs and the prospect of having two working toilets  is the glimmering light at the end of our renovation tunnel.

Regular readers will know that we lost hot showers at the village house when the new plumbing for Baby Beast went in two years ago and the necessary re-routing of all our water supplies meant that the only toilet (situated by the front door!) was “off grid” for a while and we were  running up and down stairs with buckets of water to flush. None of this is our French plumber’s or builder’s fault and is mainly due to everything being held up by the loss of our first two electricians.

We are now on number three- who is mature, sensible and has decades of successful installations behind him so fingers crossed he will get  the wiring runs in over next few months, then Monsieur Plombier and Monsieur Mason can do their final bits and we will actually have a functional kitchen, shower room, washroom/utility and bath in place and can get on with stairs, floors, doors, windows, kitchens, tiling, panelling, plastering, painting,decorating, developing the courtyard, fencing the terrace etc!

My eureka idea of dropping new pipework for shower room down through salon, into kitchen and thus down to mains supply in cave  has been approved and implemented by our plumber ( don’t think he is used to assertive, interfering female geniuses but has learned  to cope!)This leaves us with more boxing in headaches but as front wall is to be panelled anyway, it’s no big deal.SAMSUNGSAMSUNG






I see a glimmer……….


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Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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3 Responses to Episode 48- In which we begin to see the light…….

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  2. It certainly is, and thanks for your ongoing interest!
    Great to have a supportive blogging community out there, keeps me posting when I am feeling fragile and frustrated


  3. What a good feeling to being seeing some light!


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