Episode 47- In which Trevor lives dangerously….

DSC01343renovation, restoration, potential hospitalisation…August 2012

We land at Carcassonne airport EXTREMELY early.

As we had to drive down to Stansted airport in the early hours of the morning, we have had about an hours’ sleep. Well, I  had an hour or two’s sleep, Trevor, being “a man” decided not to go to sleep in case he doesn’t hear the 2 am alarm call.

We jump on the train at Carcassonne and by time we get to the village house I cannot keep my eyes open and  even Trevor is looking a little glazed and hollow eyed though he would never admit to such unmanly weakness ( Lord preserve me from old fashioned  and unpolitically correct men who cannot admit to human frailty!)

It still early morning but over 30 degrees already and shaping up to be a typical Campagne scorcher.

I give the house a cursory inspection, no apparent leaks or collapsed masonry and no visible wasps nests ( they had a colony until we moved in and started blocking up entrance and exit routes)  Trevor opens the French doors to the terrace, throws a few cushions on the bench, strips off and lies in the sun with a deep sigh.

“Don’t fall asleep, you’ll fry later!” I said….no response….so I lie down on the bed and close my eyes for a minute.

Three hours later I wake up and the sun is at it’s zenith. I wander outside and there is a very pink thing basting lightly on the bench.

Having slung his arm over his eyes, said pink thing has a white stripe across his face but the rest, ALL the rest, resembles Tonto twinned with grilled pork.     I shake him awake proffering after sun lotion or aloe vera   and try to persuade him that a cool shower ( we only have that kind anyway!) would help.

He declines all assistance, just fetches a cold drink, throws a shirt on and goes back out to sit in the sun…..I give up.DSC01717

No, Mr Casual did not suffer sunburn and turned brown within 24 hours

No, I can’t post the pictures or I will be arrested…



About coteetcampagne

Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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2 Responses to Episode 47- In which Trevor lives dangerously….

  1. It’s infuriating, he just does not burn just goes brown therefore thinks I am fusspot
    Remember when Anne thought he was a Greek waiter?x


  2. I love the tale of Trevor. It conjures up certain images and I can’t imagine why the poor chap wasn’t in agony!


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