Episode 43- French restoration, let your imagination run riot!

sept13 152(2)renovation, restoration, use YOUR imagination..

You may not have  a resident nutcase in the attic (I zoomed in on this photo and found a deranged looking Trevor peering through the tulip room window!) but if you are buying a modestly priced renovation project there are still likely to be some character features worth restoring or reinstating hidden behind that dodgy brown  mid 20th century vintage makeover which can be the scourge of the five figure price bracket!

We had drifts of 50’s Formica everywhere ( there was a Formica factory down the road and this material features heavily in the local interiors, we even viewed a house with stairs and landing constructed entirely in Formica- see earliest posts) but once these lovely fittings were removed from our French house , we found original cupboard recesses cut into the thick stone walls, some with terrazzo or marble shelves that clean up beautifully.DSC00327

The tulip bedroom  and shower room also had custom made terrazzo marble/granite skirting boards with lovely pearly quartz chips in pale greys and pinks which we will reuse in the new shower room configuration.We also found very old and very gorgeous wooden boards in the tulip room which we will clean and wax, no shiny varnish in unsuitable colours wanted here, a little colour variation and an honest bit of wear and tear is good !DSC00326

I am creative genius, born of necessity ( i.e. no money but high aspirations for my potentially chic  interiors!) and this project has made Trevor think more creatively; so we cleaned, filled, sanded, attached mouldings and painted our existing yucky sapele doors in the two second floor bedrooms and they look GORGEOUS.DSC01731

Can I get my big head through them?…


About coteetcampagne

Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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