Episode 42- TULIP FEVER!

IMG_0073renovation, restoration, yet another explanation ………….

Why oh why? -you ask- do we call  thebedroomthathadnowindowandasaggingceiling the tulip room?

Because, dear reader, it has the unrestorable (sadly) remains of vintage hand printed authentic French wallpaper with red and aubergine tulips on the walls!   DSC00187Lovely innit?

So, it got christened as the tulip room and it stuck, mainly because when we got home from our first viewing trip to France with this place at the top of the list, I found a pair of curtains in an Osborne and Little fabric with a design of red and aubergine tulips and chinese porcelain knick-knacks in a local charity shop, and they were  SPOOKILY created by a French designer!! They fit- Call me spontaneous, I hadn’t even bought the house at that point…tulip rm

As you may glimpse here –right- and top left-a false ceiling of vile tiles had to be demolished  ( see DIY gets dan-ger-ous post) at great risk to life and limb, which revealed one of the three beautiful beams/tree trunks that hold up half of our hybrid house.sept13 100

Then Trevor sawed through the false ceiling joists and we have an airy room, open to the rafters. We will insulate and plasterboard (painted white) between the roof joists which are lovely wood and retrievable with a good scrub and sand.The beam will be waxed.  Demolition of the old shower room wall has accessed the original window-topmost left. I have hunted down and found a chic wallpaper for behind the bed with a hand printed look and a traditional design of exotic birds and branches printed in French blue and very soft metallic antique gold on a true red ground.

All other walls will be the right shade of white. DSC02528

Once the old ceiling had been completely demolished, we could see old truss holes in the stonework and remnants of joinery which support our theory that there was a sort of sleeping platform up there with ladder access.

We will be reinstating this as a narrow mezzanine for my grandson to sleep on with glass balcony for safety and to keep the opened up view of the stone walls above.sept13 112sept13 109


About coteetcampagne

Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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