Episode 40- A brief recap …………from the Lang(our)doc

renovation, restoration, explanation…..

A number of questions have continued to vex us since we started working on our less-than-lovely French house/hovel in the lovely Languedoc.

Some have been answered,  and some remain a mystery

1) What exactly is FCVT (French Country Village Time) ?

Answer- This is what kicks in when you spend your down time in a sunny and languor-inducing spot in southern France where no-one has any sense of urgency or any native need to consider timescales . As the plumber said when I told him my stress levels were through the as yet unfinished roof ”  why? there is nothing to stress about”

And, do you know what? he is absolutely right.

2) What happened to the Funky White Golfing Cap?(see episode 5, “Le Camping, roof optional”)

Answer- We have no idea, if my grandson knows, he isn’t telling. The schoolgirls of Carcassonne liked it. Maybe he is hiding it until he can wear it on dates in ten years time.

3) Where are we going to put the bath?(see episode 1,”Haunted Hovel funds French Folly!”)

Answer- Forty episodes later and we have finally decided that it will sit at an arty angle in the corner of the cave bedroom.  bathRight- how languorous does THAT look?!

4) Why do we always leave the veluxes open when we go out for a long lunch and the only downpour all week starts immediately we sit down to eat?

Answer- I don’t know, but at least we now have a tiled and grouted floor which makes mopping up easier.

5) Why are all the most delicious wines impossible to find again?

Answer- no idea, but the wonderful “Fut” and the amusingly named “Cotes du Brian” wines are proving elusive

DSC00146 left- wow, that shows up my broken builder’s fingernails a bit…

6) Why do we have France’s most hideous fireplace in our sitting room?

Answer- After seven years we have discovered  that this was not a bizarre sixties design statement, but is in fact half of the orginal kitchen fireplace  from what was a double height open cooking area in room below-centuries ago. Suddenly seems a charming bit of character worthy of keeping and plastering carefully around as a “feechur”salon 2

About coteetcampagne

Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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4 Responses to Episode 40- A brief recap …………from the Lang(our)doc

  1. Lynda says:

    I see book/display shelves filling up that space between the chimney and the outer wall. Do you see that too?


  2. Thanks for your lovely comment, it is very encouraging to hear that my ramblings are amusing you guys out there!
    I think arty and quirky are likely to be a fair description of the finished product …….the apartment is already pretty unique and the village house will be fab-u-lous,
    I promise. .


  3. I love that quirky fireplace. Please do keep it. Also I love, love, love the idea of the bathtub in the cave at an arty angle. Keep writing. It’s a fun story to follow.


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