Episode 32- Be careful what you put in your hand luggage!

DSC01343renovation, restoration, inflation- Autumn 2010

As the fares we pay on a well known budget  airline have increased since we first bought the French house, we no longer take hold luggage when we fly to France because the cost would cover two tins of paint or a pack of timber .

As I am a five star packer, I can now fit a capsule wardrobe for a fortnight in a 10kg (each)  cabin bag allowance.  I pack for Trevor as his idea of what constitutes priority clothing needs differs from mine & I am the one who has to go out in public with him! This arrangement has worked well to date, with the single exception of the year that I was distracted at the last minute and forgot to pack him any underwear. Needless to say I have yet to live this one down.

I have successfully brought back several little vintage gems, in cabin baggage, though the guy at Carcassonne airport questioned my original, antique, distressed  enamel tea towel holder! although he had to agree that it was hardly a weapon. Anyway, how will the customs officers amuse themselves around the X ray machine if I don’t liven things up with interesting purchases?

Our cases had never been seriously queried until this year when I decided, as I have three sets of vintage kitchen scales and can’t use them  all, to bring back to the UK the cute set we found in the French house. DSC02038Please note that the fake plastic marble 80’s work top in the photo is NOT installed in France and is nothing to do with me, just in case you were questioning my taste.

Anyway. I wrapped the scales in a tee shirt and padded them out with used clothing and thought the case looked OK. Unfortunately an eagle eyed officer, doing their job of course,  decided that the depth exceeded the prescribed dimensions. It did, and I had to pay hold luggage fee.

You  live and you learn….serves me right!!


About coteetcampagne

Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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One Response to Episode 32- Be careful what you put in your hand luggage!

  1. Well I definitely liked reading it. This tip provided by you is very practical for accurate planning.


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