Episode 28- Bad idea

DSC01707renovation, restoration,decoration 2010

I don’t usually make terrible errors of judgement when it comes to decorating decisions, quite the opposite and I am often asked for advice by friends because they love what I do with my rooms ( squeezes big head through doorway) but this must rank as a BAD DECISION.

Although the old electric fittings are still in place, I decide to go ahead with my idea of a “feature wall” in the salon as I think I have the colour palette sussed for in here.

The sitting room in my 18th century cottage in UK had looked wonderful with “straw boater”(Crown Period paints) walls and an “eating room red ” (Farrow and Ball ) ceiling with antique faux gilding on the cornice.

I was convinced this colour combo it would work in France too so I bought a lovely lacquer red emulsion and some gold metallic paint with the intention of painting the stove wall in the salon emulating a fragment of chinese lacquered wall panel I had seen, reasoning I could touch up the bits later where the new switches would go. I bought plenty of paint ( see earlier posts for my issues with discontinued colours) and set to with a will. Trevor wandered through, raising his eyebrows, but then he does that every time I paint anything so I ignored him. I finished late as the light was fading (lack of electrics see earliest posts also!) and then went to sit on the terrace and drink wine and stargaze.

Got up in the morning…………….AAARRRGGGGHHH!!!!!!!!…. it does not work in daylight, and even manages to makes the stone look naff !!!!! I was only going to show you a tiny bit because I am so embarrassed But I have to come clean and reveal the whole wall.DSC01706 So bad I couldn’t even stand straight when I took the picture. WRONG>>WRONG>>WRONG>>


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Artist, period home maker, renovator, restorer, Francophile. My mission is to save the old stuff, one beautiful piece at a time
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2 Responses to Episode 28- Bad idea

  1. Lynda says:

    I brought my favorite color from my living room walls in California to my walls in N. Alabama. SoCal is dry. Most everything is not bright and verdant green there, because it is essentially a Mediterranean climate. Here it is the exact polar opposite and my lovely tan “Pony Tail” yes, as in horses, was bilious with all that green shining in on it. It is still there, but I did paint the outside facing wall a very soft white which reflects light and tames the green tinge. A little bit. 😉

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